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Re: Wireless Transmission

Original poster: Mark Fergerson <mfergerson1@xxxxxxx>

Tesla list wrote:

 Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> In the end, I think established and resistant science beat Tesla
> down unjustly and the kinder pigeons he sat feeding were more
> worthy company

Pigeons can't give constructive criticism, either. But many see any criticism at all to as destructive in intent, and Tesla in his later years may have decided that to be the case with all his critics.

 Well I'm not so sure. I have spent a lot of time reading the Colorado
 Springs notes and any other material written by Tesla I could find.
 The impression I got was that he was right out on the very edge of
 science at the time and speculating away like crazy. He simply wrote
 down every thing that crossed his mind. His lab notes were not meant
 for public consumption.

That's a very clear way of stating what "both sides" seem to be arguing about. We also have to remember that he didn't have certain tools we today consider essential, like say oscilloscopes for visualization of rapid voltage changes or Poynting vector analysis to understand power flow.

 A lot of this stuff, like the non-Hertzian waves, sounds very
 compelling. I am ashamed to admit I nearly built one of those
 caduceus coil things myself :-o But I now believe the whole thing is
 a myth and in fact Tesla just didn't understand how energy really is
 propagated by EM waves. (Probably nobody did in 1899.)

Why be ashamed of building anything? How else will you know if a "crazy" idea is really crazy or not when there's no obvious theoretical basis to decide? I've built many of them (and no, they didn't work).


 I have never seen any experiment done by anyone with a Tesla coil
 that would deny this modern explanation. The near field was probably
 several miles across with Tesla's big transmitter and I suppose he
 radiated a fair amount of power in the far field too, with that huge
 antenna mast.

Concur. The bottom line is experimentalism. If it don't work, it don't work.

 Mark L. Fergerson