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Re: Wireless Transmission

Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Stork (AKA RWW),
                                   Thank you for the reply. I would
like to first point out that I hold great respect for all that
have expressed their opinion and of course the list as a body.
I did not insert my post until Drew was looking for some
info or pictures of the Wendover coil and the later tower, etc.
and only after a few reply messages came into him about the
wave types and so forth; Positives or negatives regarding
Tesla and the link to Nicholson's page, described by the
poster as the straight scoop. I thought, as Drew is doing
an information search, I should also include for him the
links I provided to wave types, so he could see what the
fuss was all about and compare as he wished, the opinions.
I myself, in fairness to the poster of the Nicholson link
also went there and read it all, if for no other reason than
to have some respect for the poster's effort of giving it.
My thinking is, as do so many here also work, as in for a living,
at both high power and leading edge technologies, that I also
work within the same conventional framework. Rebuilding
megawatt input class and lower tube/SS induction units,
total strip down, mods, repair, service and tech support,
building  new AM /FM broadcast stations from swamp
through final proofs, it is clear I work in the standard,
as it would be called, mindset. I simply see no danger in
looking into other options as well, I can always walk away.
I do not see one view group or the other view group as
"the enemy", rather I see everybody as having hungry minds.
If at some point anybody wishes to stop at a technical level
and camp there, fine, I say be happy. But we all know there
is more, regardless of how you define it, that can be learned.
Just out of reach, we wiggle our fingers until we grab it, then
we reach for still more. It's a people thing, our nature.
If this were not true, all the coil makers and friends would not
be reading the list or building a better machine. We know even
the conventional can be done better and make it so.
At the edges of current technology are more answers and I
like looking over that edge, I need to. I do not call those
who will not look enemy, I call them all friend. Those who
would, to protect their technology from changing with valid
results, reproducible, stop my work with biased peer
reviews, these I see as a danger to new work. Yet this does
happen. Peer reviews are a good thing as long as they are fair.
I also find useful information in the old papers and experiments.
Many think everything learned from something studied has been
learned, it is mined out, there is no more, the old timers moved
on. Take one of my Hero's, Langmuir. At GE he had all he
wanted and he did wonders. So did others. His work on the
discharge tube, he even named gas plasma because it seemed
to act as a living thing at times. The name stuck. Then he moved
onto other things thinking it was mined out. Why? Because
the thinking was you did not dare enter or disturb something
you were the outside observer of, so he devised balanced probes
and went in with minimal disturbance. He learned more until
the probes gave nothing further. The idea of going inside
the vacuum without the probes was unthinkable, a hang-up
of a too much control mind-set. After all, there were rules.
It was not like this was a bio-hazard. We have a  2 X 6 Ft
tube in another project. When not on that job, we played.
We went in. Using the same technology he had in his day,
we found TWO things he had not documented anyplace.
If he had dared break "convention" he would have easily
found these two important things and taken it further.
With current technology,we found a third thing learned
from the two he missed. The current Tesla art is because
bit by bit, people studied it every way they could. Rules
Tesla himself might have made were broken, you all
went in any way you wished and studied, experimented.
Now look and it still gets better. So visiting the old is
a good thing sometimes. Daring to push current thinking
can be, too.
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Original poster: stork <stork@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


This is an excellent post and mirrors my sentiments exactly. This particular topic seems like it surfaces about every year or so on the Tesla list and is usually initiated by a relatively new member who is unaware of previous discussions. You are right that there are two camps who vehemently defend their positions. This is how science has progressed for eons and won't ever change. On this list there is one group who proclaims that this is how science is, we've discovered all there is to know and and their ad hominem charge that if you hold other opininons you are a wierd, pseudo science protagonist. The other group tends to have an open mind and a let's see what is possible attitude.
Terry, God bless him, tries to keep the discussion civil , but after a few days usually closes the topic. Like all people he has his biases and other than when he admittedly unnecessarily censors posts, does a great job as moderator. He feels compelled to not ruffle the feathers of certain list members.

An example of closed minded science is Paul Nicholson's explaination of charge, et cetera, referred to by Bert Hickman. Paul who I generally repect, starts out by setting the arguement that there are only certain things allowed as goverened by 100 year old EM physic . And that's it.
He gives absolutely no reason or hard data as to why he imposes such stingent restrictions.

I must point out that there are many other phenomena well known to physics that fall well outside Paul's arbitray restrictions. All the obseved magical quantum effects. And, even QED, quantum electrodynamics, invented by the famous Nobel Laureate, Richard Feinman. Super conduction and Cooper electron pairs don't fall within his restrictions. The Arenhov Bohm or Bose Einsten condensates fail to be considered also. Maxwell's equations utterly fail in expalining these phenomena. These phenomena are not just observed for single atomic pairs now, but have been experimentally expanded to disparitly separated clouds of Cesium atoms acting instantaneously in concert.
Ultimately we will travel through ot the Universe by teleportation base on this rudimentary science now in place.

My plea is to allow others to express their opinions openly and freely on this list rather than insist on very pedantic closed minded applications of tighly guarded opinions.


Stork  (aka  RWW)

Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Drew, Steve, Ed, List
I've been watching this thread with some interest. SNIP