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Re: Wireless Transmission

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"I think his ideas are based on the same ideas that 99.9% of all
engineering is ;-)))  I don't think we can judge those that follow such
overwhelmingly proven ideas as closed minded!!  Those that follow
conventional EM theory can communicate with probes out at the far
planets.  Those that rely on Tesla's Hertzonian waves have trouble
a florescent light tube across the street :o))  Of course, there might
more out there, but that does not mean that what we already know is


	I think that "99.9%" should really be "99.999%"!  There must be a
couple of hundred thousand of us around the world and I guess there
might be a couple somewhere who have differing opinions, but the rest of
us stick with "what works".  "Conventional EM theory" works just fine
for us and gives answers as exact as we can measure so we're content to
use if for design and analysis.  Unfortunately, no one (including the
great man himself) has made Tesla's power transmission ideas work so
it's no wonder we dismiss them.  [This statement ignores mythical and
fictional statements of "lighting 100 light bulbs at a distance of 100
miles" and stuff like that, which to say the list exists only in
anecdotal and unverifiable form.]

	All it takes to make us listen is ONE successful experiment and public
demonstration.  Just one!