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Re: Wireless Transmission

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The difference is, Einstein was not afraid to "show
his work" and provide a mechanism.  When someone jumps
in with no evidence, claiming they have discovered a
"new framework for physics", then it is likely
pseudoscientific dribble...the work of cranks.  It is
correct that claims which are not substatiated by a
large body of data, mathematics, and peer review,
should be held to a higher degree of scrutiny.
The scientific method is important, and transcends
people's feelings of jealousy or offense.  It is part
of the error correcting process which makes science
the most valuable tool humanity has ever developed for
discovering the truth about our universe.  If it
weren't for peer review, what would keep things like
ghosts, deities, acupuncture, and psychics from
worming their way into the realm of science?

Einstein's theories of special and general relativity
were complete with testable mathematical models, which
could be (in principle) falsified by experimentation.
But fortunately for the longevity of his theories,
they were confirmed by subsequent testing, and
continue to hold up in most situations today.  While
Einstein may have been uncomfortable with what he felt
was a lack of elegance in certain aspects of quantum
mechanics, he couldn't argue with the math.