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Tesla coil audio

Original poster: Esondrmn@xxxxxxx

A few months ago, an engineer from Microsoft came over to my house to record audio from my Tesla coils for use in future X box games. He sent me a note last week that the first use of some of that audio appears in the new game Mechassault 2.

His comments: "There are a large number of electrical visual effects in the game, and many of them have sound effects. For performance reasons, the sound effects are highly randomized so most things are silent some of the time so it's hard to say exactly where you can hear them, except to play the game for a while and keep eye/ear out for electrical arcs and the like. Most of these electrical sound effects have at least an element of the sounds I recorded at your place. I used a great deal of processing and layering to make the sounds even more unusual, so you might not recognize them at first. The Jacob's ladder got a lot of use, as did the big coil. The basement coil didn't get used much, but it's in there a little bit."

He can't pay for this stuff but he did send me some software and is going to send a copy of the new game. Maybe my kids will let me use their X box to try it out.

Ed Sonderman