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RE: Homemade cap..........try this

Original poster: "Gary Weaver" <gary350@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I suggest building, three .01uf caps, one .005 uf cap, two .002 uf caps and
one .001uf cap.  all rated 40KV.  You can connect them together in parallel
in any combination you need to get any uf value that you need from .001uf
to .04uf.  At 40KV they will be bullet proof.  There are advantage to this,
you can build a dozen different size Tesla Coils and use the capacitors
that you need to run any one of the Tesla Coils that you want.  You can
even run several small TCs at the same time by dividing the caps up among
several small Tesla Coils.  Put all the caps in parallel and you can run
one very large TC.   This allows you to build a lot of different size Tesla
Coils and it saves you time and money not having to build caps for each
coil.   It also allows you to swap out caps very easy when experimenting.
If you change your Top Load it is very easy to add or substract uf cap
values.   It is the next best thing to having a variable capacitor.

Gary Weaver

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> Date: 1/10/2005 10:58:57 PM
> Subject: Homemade cap..........
> Original poster: "david baehr" <dfb25@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> I know the thing to do these days is to build a nice mmc cap, but,....I
> have a chance to buy a 'poly tube' , well , actually , its used for
> things in the warehouse I work at. Its a continuose 8" wide , 1075 foot
> long poly bag , 4 mil thick.  $65 bucks. I thought I could make enough
> little caps in series ,with my 14400 input , to keep the voltage below
> on each cap, and run them dry.I need about .03mfd , so I thought about
> 48caps @ 1.4mfd .,bag to bag would be 8mil. And I figuerd my input as
> for safety...30,000 / 48 = 625v per cap. AM I CRAZY OR WHAT? thanks