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Re: Wireless Transmission

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"Does anyone know the up to date research on wireless transmission? Has
been documented yet? (i.e Wendover?) Or is Tesla's idea of "non-hertz'n"
waves still not fully understood?


	Don't understand the question exactly but there has been quite a lot of
work done in using focussed beams of microwaves to deliver power at a
distance; one of the potential objectives is to convey energy from an
enormous orbiting array of solar cells to a receiving station on the
ground.  NASA even power a small helicopter that way as a stunt.  No
magic involved, it's necessary to obey all of the laws of physical
optics (giant antennas), but there is at least some promise.

	As for "is Tesla's idea of "non-hertz'n" waves still not fully
understood?".  It is fully understood and turns out to be totally
fallacious, even though Tesla worshippers and "free energy" people
refuse to believe it.  Won't work, can't work, never worked!