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Re: Strong Rotor Material???

Original poster: Chip Atkinson <chip@xxxxxxxxxx>

I think G10 fiberglass/epoxy composite board could take that.  Try your
local plastics dealer.  I know Colorado Plastics sells it.  (I know you're
not in CO, but at worst you could order it from them).  I think I've heard
that McMaster-Carr sells it too.


On Thu, 6 Jan 2005, Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "Gary Weaver" <gary350@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Where can I buy some strong rotor material. My rotor is going to be 5
> inch diameter maximum maybe only 4 inch diameter with 1 sheet metal
> contacts held on with small bolts. The rotor will be bolted to a 2 inch
> diameter metal hub turned by a motor. There will be a 2 inch diameter hole
> in the rotor material with eight 1/4" x 28 bolts holding it to the hub.
> The material needs to be strong enough to turn 7500 RPM's without self
> destructing.
> This is NOT going to be a spark gap rotor. The rotor will be used to
> direct sparks to 4 different places. I worry about having a fire ring or
> spark ring around the rotor. I have seen rotors that produces a continuous
> circle of sparks that shorts out all the contacts. I thought about using
> the distributor from a car engine but I think the voltage will be too high
> for that and would jump across all the contacts on the inside of the
> distributor cap.
> Gary Weaver