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Re: Non-GFI NSTs

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"No I don't need a passport to get them from France as they are in
Tenn.  But
some of the local sign shops are smashing the insulators on the used
ones to
prevent reuse.  Thus it's getting hard to get the larger NSTs from shops
without GFI.  The last time I went used NST shopping they had a 40x48
of all types of non-GFI NSTs with smashed terminals.  Luckily that trip
netted me a 15/60 and a 12/60 new in the box that were in a canceled
box headed for the scrapyard.

David E Weiss"

	Smashed insulators aren't a problem unless the secondary leads are
broken off at the coil.  You can make your own insulators, work without
them, or whatever.  Sure you'll get lots of tips on that.