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Re: Looking for demo ideas for TC

Original poster: "david baehr" <dfb25@xxxxxxxxxxx>

How about you hold up a neon tube that says 'TESLA' or 'CHIP' ? , I can help with that! How soon ya gonna do it ?

From: "Tesla list" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Looking for demo ideas for TC
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 16:28:48 -0700

Original poster: Chip Atkinson <chip@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi folks!

I'm trying to think of some demos for a possible (hopefully!)
presentation and wanted to ask if anyone had other additional ideas for a
TC demo.

Here's what I came up with so far:
-- Audience members holding flourescent light tubes and having them glow
-- A spinner (sprinkler type thing) where sparks shoot off and the thing
-- A weather balloon filled with argon to make a giant plasma globe
   (Would this work?)
-- Does a smoke cloud have any odd properties?  In other words if I had a
small pile of black powder on the toroid would anything cool happen?

Thanks in advance for any other ideas.