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RE: www.drsstc.com massive update!

Original poster: Sue Gaeta <sgsparky@xxxxxxxxxxx>


Well, it looks like you put the right cap in there! Yes, you will draw a ****load more current when you cancel out your inductive reactance! An ideal series RESONANT circuit has zero impedance. If you are not pulsing your driver, and are running straight CW, with filtered DC, or not, you will blow things up real quick! There is a tremendous amount of current that flows in that circuit!

Dan has recommended using 300uS wide pulses that occur every 10mS. That is what I am playing around with right now. There is a simple 555 timer circuit that can be put together real fast for this. Here is Steve W.s example of it. <http://hot-streamer.com/srward16/ISSTC/ISSTC_sch1.JPG>http://hot-streamer.com/srward16/ISSTC/ISSTC_sch1.JPG

Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: "Derek Woodroffe"


That's cool, because I am doing exactly the same thing"

I'm glad it's not just me then...

The bad news is I tried at 2/3 of full power tonight (about 200V)
with the primary cap, and my FET's died. I suspect its either I'm drawing
more current with the primary cap in circuit that I was with the straight
SSTC, or I need more over voltage protection on the out put of the bridge,
At present I only have a 400V tranzorb across each FET. When I get chance
Ill add with some beefy diodes to the supply rails and try again with my
current pickup in circuit.

Maybe its time to simm the coil more accurately with the primary cap
and see what I'm really getting.

As you say, You learn much more by doing it the hard way...