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RE: Safe parameters for stupid human Tesla coil stunts

Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>By the way it's amazing how much I learned about successful tesla coil
>building through being a ham radio operator, and how much I learned about
>RF principals through tesla coiling.

I couldn't agree more Sue. I got my ham radio licence when I was at high
school. To pass the exam I had to learn how to tune antennas, work radios,
be nice to other operators, and such like, but I didn't really understand RF
theory, resonance, coupling between coils, and the like, at all.

It wasn't until I tried Tesla coiling that I actually started to understand,
as I saw all those stuffy equations burst into life and set fire to the
living room carpet.

Now I'm going to try taking it full circle by building a Ham rig using the
knowledge I gained from Tesla coils...

>It's something that walking human capacitors should ponder about >as they confidenly hold that grounded Jesus stick, while approaching the >sparking toroid

Hence why one should always have a Jesus stick with a grounded end to take
the sparks, and a long insulated handle for the operator to hold, to leave
the RF in absolutely no doubt which way it should go.

Steve C.