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phase shifter instead of variac use

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Hi all,
an idea:
is it possible to use a big phase shifter with current regulator for teslacoils.
for example:
A semiconductor module with two thyristors (called powerblock)
in a W1C circuit.Such powerblocks can easily handle a lot of current
(eupec TT95N12=95A 1200V).The moduls with cooling and
R-C-safety circuit are very compact and the unit with controller weight a lot less! than a variac with 95A.
O.k.I don´t need 95A but these modules are the smallest available for me.(no cost)
In the company I work we use those circuits like
W1C (1-phase primary shifter),W3C(3-phase primary shifter)
to regulate the primary current of high current transformers.
best regards