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RE: Water probe: improvements

Original poster: "Denicolai, Marco" <Marco.Denicolai@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Bob,

> I checked it is correct,  Assuming that the problem is C and
> R ratio differences.
> No simple way to determine what the corner frequency of the
> lead lag terms are.

Lead lag?

> You could do it experimentally and adjust the hf boost until
> the initial rise height is correct then fiddle with the
> corner frequencies until you get the best flat top after the
> rise.  There will be quadratic terms  which inevitably you
> can not compensate perfectly  for with 1st order lead lags
> but they may be small or at a much higher frequency.

Hf boost? Can you please explain these terms?

> Can you do a complex FFT on the step response to get the
> frequency response?
> The signal does not look very clean for it.

I could do that if I get the disk drive of that old LeCroy scope to
work. Or if I change scope. We'll get to that phase soon.

Best Regards