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Re: welder power source

Original poster: "Hydrogen18" <hydrogen18@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Contrary to what you might think, stick welders are not a sufficiently high
enough voltage to run a tesla coil. Although they can make arcs much larger
than some NSTs, it is due to a high current that ionizes the air and not
high voltage. A welder will have a 60-80 volt open voltage(no load) and a
20-35 load voltage. You need around 7000 volts minimum to run a tesla coil.

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> Original poster: Bobby Amaya <dimon20042004@xxxxxxxxx> > > Hi everyone, > > Has anyone ever heard of using the outputs of a stick > welder to power a tesla coil because that is what I am > thinking of doing. Please e-mail me at > dimon20042004@xxxxxxxxx > > Thanks, > > ===== > > > >