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Re: PE sheeting: where to buy?

Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Cadillac plastics (or whatever they're called now.. but it's a big chain of
Plastic suppliers)

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Subject: PE sheeting: where to buy?

> Original poster: Steve Ward <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx> > > Hi Guys, > > Im looking for LDPE sheeting in the 60mil range or higher (it must be > able to make a 6.5" radius bend though). I know a lot of people used > this stuff for rolling caps years ago. Im hoping some of you guys > have some sources you could point me towards. I found some things on > mcmaster. I could get an 1/8"- 24"x48" sheet for about 13 bucks, or 2 > sheets of 1/16" stuff for about 14 bucks. Im leaning towards the > 1/16" stuff so that im sure it will make the bend i need. This is for > stuffing between the primary and secondary of my new magnifier. Im > not sure exactly how much voltage im really holding off here (probably > quite a lot) but i definately need something in there to help keep > those sparks out. > > I dont really want to deal with like 100 layers of 4mil stuff, it just > gets messy and is hard to keep clean (too much statically charged > surface area there!). > > Also, if anyone has any other ideas for insulation, im open to > suggestion. The secondary is ~13" diameter, im looking for the > insulation to be in the 14-15" diameter range, and needs to be about > 24" tall so that the sparks cant simply race down the side of the > plastic (the plastic will extend above the secondary coil itself). > > Thanks, > > Steve > >