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Re: PE sheeting: where to buy?

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Steve,

Go to the paint store. Get that polypropylene paint cover stuff. It is all folded up. Just unfold it "a little" till you get a long bunch with a zillion layers. It will stand off tremendous HF voltages!!! All those 4mil-air-4mil-air... layers have very low capacitance and the standoff is "high"!!

I think Ed W. and Mark R. have played with totally oil immersed things for maggies, but I don't think they were happy with them...

Lots of folks have that 60 mil poly in any case ;-)) Now is their chance to get rid of it :o)))

I think you really want polypropylene, not polyethylene....



At 09:54 PM 4/30/2005, you wrote:
Hi Guys,

Im looking for LDPE sheeting in the 60mil range or higher (it must be
able to make a 6.5" radius bend though).  I know a lot of people used
this stuff for rolling caps years ago.  Im hoping some of you guys
have some sources you could point me towards.  I found some things on
mcmaster.  I could get an 1/8"- 24"x48" sheet for about 13 bucks, or 2
sheets of 1/16" stuff for about 14 bucks.  Im leaning towards the
1/16" stuff so that im sure it will make the bend i need.  This is for
stuffing between the primary and secondary of my new magnifier.  Im
not sure exactly how much voltage im really holding off here (probably
quite a lot) but i definately need something in there to help keep
those sparks out.

I dont really want to deal with like 100 layers of 4mil stuff, it just
gets messy and is hard to keep clean (too much statically charged
surface area there!).

Also, if anyone has any other ideas for insulation, im open to
suggestion.  The secondary is ~13" diameter, im looking for the
insulation to be in the 14-15" diameter range, and needs to be about
24" tall so that the sparks cant simply race down the side of the
plastic (the plastic will extend above the secondary coil itself).