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DRSSTC Timing Chart

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

I made up this DRSSTC timing chart:


I am running up to 5000 BPS now ;-)) Thus, all this timing stuff gets really important!!

It goes off Steve Ward's definitions but adds a bit more detail. Steve said it sounded good to him.

Bang Time becomes Total Bang Time and Burst Time becomes Total Burst Time. But that can be shortened to just the usual Bang Time and Burst Time in most cases. It helps to distinguish between Bang Time and Bang On Time when that level of detail is being discussed.

The Burst Off Time has me a little perplexed as to where it should begin and the Burst On Time should end? I think that should be moved to the right past the last Bang On Time with the added Bang OFF time too:


That "looks" a bit odd, but is "technically" more correct for say programming purposes. It will really get strange when one plays with Bang On Time and Bang Off Time during Burst On Time* ;-)) I think you can modulate the coil that way for really strange effects ;-))

It is rather hard to abbreviate these things since they have the same beginning letters... Could do like BAonT and BUonT... Or maybe we could agree on T1, T2, T3... From the magic "chart"?? That is what I have started doing. Anyone who is "up there" enough to care about this stuff will get the Tx designations real fast... I think we are starting to run out of room for too many more abbreviations anyway.

Steve Ward said:
I would prefer just using the Tx designations on the chart rather than
coming up with funny abbreviations and stuff.  Just need to include a
link to the holy chart in each email where this information is
discussed so that readers can follow along.



*It will really get strange when one plays with T1 and T2 during T4. - Thus the advantage of using Tx abbreviations...