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Re: New Coil

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Ok Mike,

You are the first, to my knowledge, to report a failure with one of the Maxwell caps that many of us have. Can you please give us more details of the system the cap was in when it failed? Type of gap, number of individual gaps, gap spacing, power supply voltage and current, primary and seconday details, etc. Did it fail with just one cap in the circuit, or two in parallel, etc? Was it just the right size to be resonant with the power supply transformer?


Ed Sonderman

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They work fine on 12kv nst's (about a dozen 3-5 min runs and still ticking
in a bigger coil with more in series), explode after a few min on 15kv ones
(makes a nice 12" blue/orange fireball tho with a big mess).

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>Original poster: Esondrmn@xxxxxxx >-snip- > >In a message dated 4/24/05 3:27:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time, >tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes: >I plan on using my welder for current control and >either my two 1256's or my three 540 volt 30 amp >voltpac stack. I currently use my maxwells three deep, >but may only use them two deep for 75 nF 70 kV rating, >which is kinda small for a coil this size. I'm afraid >to use them as 300 nF 35 kV, as this seems to be too >close to the edge. I have no idea how rough a life >these guys had before I got them. > >Adam > >Adam, > >I have a couple of those Maxwell caps also, and as you, have been >concerned about using only one and have always used the two in series. I >have read where lots of folks on this list have the same caps. Is anyone >only using them individually, or multiple in parallel? If so, with what >power supply? I would feel ok at say 10 kv but both of my coils use a 15 >kv supply and I have just been chicken to find out what kind of voltage >they can really take. > >Ed Sonderman