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Re: No internet for Tesla history project

Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Now that is news to me!!! There aren't many books about Tesla Coils??!! I wonder what these things are that I've been reading? You can still use the Internet to research where to find information that you are "allowed" to use. Surely there is a community library close to you. Also, I believe you said you are in Marietta, GA. I believe that is pretty close to Atlanta. Drive to or get someone to take you to Atlanta and go to the Georgia Tech library. If they don't have any references available on Nikola Tesla and Tesla Coils, I'll eat my hat. There are thousands of ways to do research, if you are just willing to put in a little effort.
Think Positive

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Subject: No internet for Tesla history project

> Original poster: "Steven Steele" <<mailto:sbsteele@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>sbsteele@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I need the information "spoon fed" because I am not allowed to research this
> on the internet and there aren't alot of books that are about how tesla
> coils work. At least not alot that I can get my hands on. In the school
> library, the is only one book( other than encyclapedias) that even mention
> Nicola Tesla. And that book doesn't help much. at least for my lit project.
> So please don't tell me to use the internet.
> Thank you.
> Steven Steele
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