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Re: Using TCs as a test source, EMP, etc. was Re: Wendover Coil Vs USAF lightning TesT? - Which aircraft ? ? ?

Original poster: dave pierson <davep@xxxxxxxx>

In any case, a TC is not a particularly realistic test source for EMP
testing, nor is it a good source for all sorts of other electromagnetic
compatibility testing.  It does make an impressive demonstration.
There's a
story about an early industrial controller company (MODCOMP?) which used a
TC as an improvised test source for ESD/EMC testing. As we all know from
fooling with these things, TCs are hardly a repeatable calibrated source of
pulses.  (except for the latest SSTC designs)

Giggle. Having been involved, with a Tesla Coil, in a work related incident, (tho not that one), at a well knonw Computer Co, which shall remain nameless....

   The coil was smallish, by modern standard, 15kv/20 ma (?) NST IIR.

   The objective was LAN noise immunity demo, with possibility of taking
   to trade shows.  Following occurred, in no particular order.

      Some TWIT fergot to hard ground the coax shield on the LAN.
      direct srtike fried the LAN analyzer as weak link.

      Once grounded, LAN worked fine with direct strikes.  Not calibrated,
      but showy
       'He Who Must Be Obeyed' told my boss he wanted this at the
       next trade show..
         I told my boss:
               Not Hardly, that exposed primary is lethal.

      Even after a plexi box was provided for THAT, cooler heads
      pondered What Might Happen to Adjacent 'stands' and how
      much bad PR might result.  The TC stayed home....