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Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>what is the difference between OLTC
>(Off Line TC?) and DRSSTC (Double Resonance Solid State TC?)?

The OLTC uses a single IGBT that it switches as a spark gap replacement. Ie
it functions just like a classic spark gap coil, charging a tank capacitor
from a DC supply and discharging it through the primary coil.

The DRSSTC uses a half-bridge or H-bridge inverter to excite the primary
tank circuit at its resonant frequency. The energy built up in the primary
couples over into the secondary.

In the terminology Tesla used in his notes, the difference between OLTC and
DRSSTC is the difference between "disruptive" and "alternator driven".
Unlike a mechanical alternator though, our solid state inverters can be
operated in bursts (usually about 100 to 200 microseconds- ie 10-20 cycles-
on followed by 10 milliseconds off). This simulates the operation of a
disruptive coil and so gives much longer sparks for a given average power
input than a CW drive would.

Steve Conner