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RE: Primary & Secondary

Original poster: "Mark Dunn" <mdunn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>


I use a plywood board with a dowel(mounted to a wood block) in the
middle that the secondary coil-form drops on.  Four polycarbonate strips
with nylon spacers(held in place with nylon screws) are mounted to wood
on the board to support /insulate the primary.  I've built flat spiral
and spiral helix primaries this way.  A 2nd strip of polycarbonate holds
the primary in place from on top(It is offset from the spacers).

See the 5th and 6th photos at:

This shows the spiral helix.  Nylon spacers and screws are available in
packages of 100 from McMaster-Carr for about $3 to $5 per package.
Probably cheaper alternatives.


Original poster: "Alexander Turkin" <alex_3@xxxxxxx>

Hello All!

    A simple question, but I want to know the opinions of different
A question about a SSTC (but not only). How can I mount the primary and
secondary coils on some substrate (for example, wood)?