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Re: Fo frequency - Movie of Wendover Coi

Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I spent most of my life as a computer network engineer trying to figure out how to cram the most information into the smallest bandwidth! I can't believe I missed this. You make an excellent point and I agree. Regards.
Paul Brodie
Think Positive
PS Anyone else have a background in computer networking? I mean the really technical, nitty gritty parts. I really miss all of the challenges at work. Retirement s..ks! I would love to exchange war stories, off list of course.

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> Original poster: "Mccauley, Daniel H" <<mailto:daniel.h.mccauley@xxxxxxxx>daniel.h.mccauley@xxxxxxxx>
> Doesn't anyone else see the problem here????
> The sound embedded in this video was probably sampled at 10 or 22kHz. I
> don't see how you would
> be able to extract any useful frequency information above this (or even
> half of this) What
> would Nyquist say about that?
> Dan
> >By taking 4mS chunks of the sound track and letting the FFT
> >grind through
> >the numbers looking for higher frequencies, I "might" see the coils Fo
> >frequency too!!:
> >
> >http://hot-streamer.com/temp/WendoverSound-03.gif
> >
> >Way down in the noise, there is a consistent 35.8kHz signal
> >and a 69.8kHz
> >signal popping up during the streamers. That could be due to
> >many other
> >things and it is kind of a stretch to imagine that those
> >signal's would
> >survive through the years and media it was stored on.
> >
> >But, we were thinking that the coil was running at about 40kHz and the
> >35kHz line does sort of agree with that...
> >
> >Not sure I would bet a lot of money on this analysis, but it
> >is interesting!
> >
> >Cheers,
> >
> > Terry