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Re: This Hobby's Expensive - Tosh! No,my good man, it isn't!

Original poster: Jerry White <starcatfisher@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,
Is it possable (or advisable) to splice wire on a secondary? I have about 1 lb of 24 gauge wire on a spool and several deflection coils salvaged from old TV's of the same gauge. I am planning to wind a 4" coil approx. 20" long. I don't know how much wire this will take but am hoping to spice enough wire out of what I have on hand without having to buy wire. What would be the best method?
Thanks, Jerry

Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: "Dr. Resonance"

Talk to the hams. Like on this list, communication and networking is the
key. Don't be shy --- most people love to talk about their hobbies. The
hams know the feasts inside and out.

You can build a coil on the cheap by being creative. Old carpet tube for
coilform (free from carpet shop), NST donated by local neon shop (especially
if you help a child use it for a school science project), sec wire at
surplus shop (Fair Radio), plywood base, MMC caps (don't cut corners
here --- not worth the headaches of trying to make your own), a few surplus
switches and variac, and you're ready to go for under $100.

Do it one part at a time as your budget progresses. I offer free plans for
a nice coil with a 26 inch long spark running on a 12 kV / 30 mA NST.

Dr. Resonance
> Robert,
> I'm well aware of the limitations of trying to enjoy this hobby on Soc
> since that is what I live on. My wife won't let me spend any of "her"
> on my "exorbitantly expensive ridiculous hobby!" She did, however, buy me
> digital multimeter with a transistor check function, frequency counter,
> 20 A DC capacity. I thought that was awfully nice of her. It sure comes in
> handy. I'm just jealous, that's all. I sure would like to have an
> oscilloscope! Anybody know how I can locate one cheap? I think I'll check
> out E-Bay. I recently got burned badly on E-Bay and I'm now a little leery
> of buying there. How do you go about finding local hamfests? I know there
> are a lot of ham guys around here but I don't know any of them personally.
> Thanks for any help. Regards.
> Paul Brodie
> Think Positive
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> > Paul: Some members do indead have deap pockets, The majority do not.
> > like my self play with tesla on social security with only time to
invest. We
> > taks coils of wire from wash machines that fail and scraps of pipe from
> > construction projects. No we do not run out and buy what we nead and it
> > takes us years to compleat each project, but we enjoy what we can do as
> > as the deap pockets people do , maybe more.
> > Robert H
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