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Re: DRSSTC Magnifier Mark 1

Original poster: "colin heath" <colin.heath4@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

doh! i was talking about this on the tcbouk list a couple of months back but as usual talking about it is as far as i got.
congrats on getting it working. what feedback did you use?
im interested wether base current feedback would work as all the current has to flow through here right?
although im sure if i remember correct (as website down)
you use primary current feedback correct?
well done on yet another breakthrough
colin heath
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Subject: DRSSTC Magnifier Mark 1

Original poster: Steve Ward <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>

Hey guys!

I just built my first magnifier of any sort, and of course its DRSSTC
driven ;-).  I should mention that i have NO idea what im doing when
it comes to magnifier design... i just thought i'd try something and
see how it goes.  Worked great!  Check out the page i made for it
(includes spark pics!)


The magnifier seems to be pretty well behaved.  My max spark length so
far is about the same as when it was a 2-coil system.  That is, 35"
from a 11" tall resonator ;-).  Its just that now the sparks arent
always hitting the strike ring!  :-).  I might just have to move up to
a full-bridge drive to really get the sparks flowing!  There isnt so
much of a limit now that the coil can be elevated off the ground more.

The magnifier required a lower tuning than before, which is what i
expect since i have more effective leakage L to resonate there, as
well as more capacitance.

This was just a "test", cooler things should come along soon, need to
order some magnet wire!  Whats also nice is that the conversion from
2-coil to 3-coil was very easy!

Questions and comments welcome.

Steve Ward