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Re: Source for new synchronous 1800 rpm motor?

Original poster: "david baehr" <dfb25@xxxxxxxxxxx>

There is alot of talk about the SRSG here, I am now using multipal copper pipe static gaps, (fan cooled ) , would I see much improvement going to a SRSG ??? Is there anyone near Loveland CO. that would be willing to hook up there SRSG to my coil for comparison ??? ....just wonderin' Thanks,dave
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>Subject: Re: Source for new synchronous 1800 rpm motor?
>Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 15:49:29 -0600
>Original poster: Esondrmn@xxxxxxx
>I use that same exact motor on the SRSG for my small coil. You can
>see some detailed pictures of the motor and gap at my web site:
>It works great.
>Ed Sonderman
>Original poster: "Coyle, Thomas M." <tcoyle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Hello - I've been a lurker on the list for quite a while and am
>beginning to dive in.
>I'd like to build an SRSG for my NST-based coil, have read through
>archives, and have been unable to locate a source for a pre-made
>synchronous motor. I picked up the Dayton 2M145 for an ARSG, but
>like to start with an SRSG. I've read all the tales about grinding
>the rotor on a nonsynchronous motor, but I'm not willing to take a
>grinder to one, and don't have easy access to a machine shop (read:
>rather buy the gear than pay someone to mill it for me, but my
>are currently full of all of the other equipment I've recently
>for various projects - buying a big lathe would stretch my bounds
>the wife). I'd much rather pay for a new one that I know will work.
>seen chats about some Oriental-brand motors, but am unable to find a
>current model that fits (they all seem to be geared down to slow
>or don't have enough HP to make me happy (the Oriental 5SK25A-AULA
>the bill except that it's 1/30HP which doesn't leave me much of a
>comfort zone)).
>Do you know of any sources for synchronous motors with a reasonable
>rating? Single phase 115VAC 60hz, at least 1/15hp would be nice.
>Money is no object.