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RE: Terry's DRSSTC - Controller Experiment

Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>


Well, I am sorry it works that way for you, but
apparently it has not stopped you from doing great

Nevertheless, for me it is the exact opposite, once I
understand something in science or nature, it becomes
many times more intriging.  I know my appreciation of
TC's and TC theory increased by about 10^10 when I
read Richie Burnett's site for the first time, 4 or 5
years ago.



--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Original poster: "Steve Conner" > <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx> > > >this is somewhat depressing to me. > >It is as if you have taken "the magic" out of > Tesla Coils. > > LOL! Yes I agree. Whenever I see something that I > like, I get obsessed with > trying to understand how it works, and if I > eventually do get to understand > it, it just isn't interesting any more. That is a > funny feeling, it's almost > like you destroy what you want by trying to get it, > and the harder you try, > the sooner it's gone. Like that Greek dude with the > magic fruit tree. > > Terry has been personally responsible for laying > waste to huge swathes of > Tesla coiling such as the various transmission line > myths we just argued at > length. Once we find a way to model streamer > loading, that's Tesla coiling > completely ruined and it'll be time to move on and > take the fun out of > another field! > > Obviously this is a personal thing. If _I_ figure > out how to model streamer > loading with ATP or whatever, it shouldn't make the > hobby any less > fascinating to anyone else. > > > > Note: ATP (Alternative Transients Program) also > known as EMTP, is a circuit > simulator like PSpice but free. And you can define > your own models > arbitrarily (you stick in your own code that gets > executed at every > timestep) which IMO makes it a good choice for > modelling a Tesla coil > connected to realistic DRSSTC controller and dynamic > streamer growth models. > > http://www.emtp.org/ > > However I decided to go down the experimental route > with my new digital > scope instead :P > > > Steve Conner > > >

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