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Re: Video clip to be removed.

Original poster: Phil Rembold <prembold@xxxxxxxxx>

Pulled down a copy of your Fear Factor clip,
My player will show the first 60 seconds OK but then give an error,
I've tryed this on several PC and have also gotten the latest and
greatest upgrades for my player, any ideas, all your other clips play


On 4/10/05, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Original poster: "Christopher 'CajunCoiler' Mayeux" <cajuncoiler@xxxxxxx> > > I will be removing the video clip of the Fear > Factor Tesla Coil sequence from my website at > the end of the week to conserve space. If you > have not yet seen/downloaded it, now's the time. > > Link is at... > http://msbdatasystems.com/cajuncoiler/videos.htm > -- > C.L. Mayeux, MsEE > Owner, MSB Data Systems > owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > http://www.msbdatasystems.com > >

-- Phil Rembold TCBFW