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Re: Winding

Original poster: "Coyle, Thomas M." <tcoyle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

My wife and I work similarly, but with a winding jig - she controls the variac and I can fine-adjust the speed of the winding by resting my gloved hands on the form while it spins. Pictures forthcoming. :)


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>Original poster: "Gerald Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> >Now here's one for the books. I put a crank on my form and put my wife to >work :-)) She would turn the crank and I would feed the wire. I would >have her turn not to fast and if I screwed up she would stop and then I >would slowly backup. Easy to coordinate and coil (8x36) turned out >great. Took 3 hours to wind the total coil and a week to coat it 6 or 7 >times. (thanks wiffy) >Gerry R.

Well, that's exactly the same way, I'm winding my coils! A picture is
worth, more than 1000 words:


It shows the winding process of the last of the 4 coils (5", 1680 turns
each), for 2 of my Uni-Bern-Tesla-Twins, during hot August 2003. Winding
one coil took about 1.5 hours, and my wife Margaret was the best,
cooperative "intelligent motor" to do that job, you can think of. It has
also markedly softened her attitude towards my HV stuff, which she is
jokingly calling "your catastrophe" ;-).