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Re: marx chokes

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"      A word of warning - first light was a great success but resulted
in my spending the next three days repairing a variety of equipment
which had been taken out in the workshop in which I tried it. I think
the main problem was inadvertently applying high amplitude step
functions to the mains ground but I wouldn't be afraid to take a bet
that it wasn't a bad EMP generator in its own right. Thereafter
running was confined to a physics lab. The topology of the structure
resembled a helical antenna with gaps forming a spiral in one
direction and chokes forming a spiral in the other. I can only guess
at the electrical mayhem that went on when it erected.


	I have a book at work entitled 'ULTRA WIDE BAND RADAR' which describes
several EMP generators, at least one of which resembles the setup you
describe.  The current rise time is probably a lot faster than a TC so
the possibility of launching a really severe HV impulse is probably

	On the "baby Marx" side of things I tacked together a little
three-stage Marx circuit fed from the piezoelectric sparker element out
of a fire starter.  About ten pumps and I could get a pretty hot 3/8"
spark.  Nothing to brag about but kinda fun.  In order to rectify the
output of the piezo element it was necessary to shunt it with a "reverse
diode" since it really looks like a voltage source in series with a