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Re: Winding

Original poster: robert heidlebaugh <rheidlebaugh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Steve: You can get as many answers as people. I can use power winding but I
still hand wind. I have less problems. I put a wood center in each end of my
coil forn with a nail to act as a center axel on top ow a work bench with
wood suports to suport the coil in a  horizontal position. I cut small tape
tabs before I start winding and with the wire on the floor below I pull the
wirs off the end of the roll and wind my coil placing a tape tab on my coil
every inch or so to prevent a mess when I slip as I often do. I can wind
most any shape coil in about 1 hour using my finger as a guide and tension
tool. Cone shaped coils are best wound from the small end first to avoid a
mess when the wire slips, and it will.
   Robert   H

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> What is the best way to wind a TC secondary? By hand?
> Steven
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