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Re: Double layer primary

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

Your innermost turn should remain the same. The outermost tap is adjusted for resonance. Use a short rod off the toroid so you can easily see the spark difference as you tune. Don't just tune off the toroid itself.

In the best designs the innermost turn of the copper tubing feeds directly
down through the upper base to the sparkgap.  This reduces the need for an
additional tap which would increase resistance and present a venue for
corona formation off the sharp edges of the tap.  Eliminate this tap and run
the copper tubing direct.  Place insulation over the spot where it goes
through the upper base plate.  We use a generous amount of electrical tape
and cover it all with heatshrink for neatness.

Dr. Resonance

> > I test my coil a few hours ago and encountered a problem. the coil > worked well and performance nearly doubled, even without tuning, but > tuning is very difficult due to the proximity of the layers of the > primary. Is it OK to just leave one tap on the bottem layer on and > just adjust the top tap, or is it necessary to move them so that they > are equidistant to the ends of the tubing? Any help would be much > appreciated. > > Cheers, > Blake > > >