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Re: bummed

Original poster: "david baehr" <dfb25@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Dave! , this is dave in Loveland.,, that coil worked well with a .01/ .015mfd cap ( approx ) , I got 24" ++ sparks from that coil...........

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>Subject: Re: bummed
>Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 10:39:09 -0600
>Original poster: Davetracer@xxxxxxx
>Dear Steven,
> I'm sitting here looking at my Tesla Coil. I'm tempted to take
>a picture of it to send you to as a monument to duct tape and
>kludging. Let's see, right now I have a coil, a primary, caps built
>out of plastic and tinfoil, a 12Kv/60ma transformer, and a whole
>lotta duct tape. Frankly, I've been fiddling with it, and the best
>sparks I have gotten are, well, before I started fiddling with it.
> But that's okay with me.
> Both in my Tesla Coiling as a teen and now (I'm 46), and in a
>career in computing, I've developed a saying: "What's it gonna do,
> It's a bit fatalistic but it takes into account the fantastic
>number of problems that can come up either in a TC or in a computer.
>Some truly are unsolvable. Some are solvable with an insane amount
>of work. And then there's the day to day ones.
> So, it isn't working? What's the problem? (What's it gonna do,
>fail?) TC's have failed on me for 30 years! Congratulations, welcome
>to the group! And believe me, some of the failures are going to
>totally suck! Congratulations! Wait until you blow a pair of 811A
>tubes and have to go wash and wax the wings of your Dad's airplane
>to get more! (Oh, man, talk about square yards!) Wait until you try
>a many-bottle-capacitor and hear it arc over! BANG! Wait until you
>blow a laptop by having it within yards of a TC! Whoops!
> What I'm trying to tell you is this is the way it goes,
>sometimes. Then there are other days when the darned thing pops into
>tune and runs like mad.
> I don't always hold with designing the thing perfectly.
>Sometimes its fun to kludge it. And sometimes you learn a lot that
>way. There really is a place for playing around and having fun with
> Of course, be awfully careful of the thing. It'll zot you but
>good if you give it a chance, and you only get one chance. But I
>managed to survive being 16 with one or six of these things.
> Let me drop a hint: disconnect your capacitor for a moment and
>make sure the gap is firing. Now connect the cap. (Of course do all
>that connect/disconnect with poweroff). Does the gap take on a
>strident tone, sort of like that teacher we all remember from
>school? Snarly? Hey, you're getting there. If not, you're not close
>on the capacitance. I'm running 4 plates of plastic (hey, that is
>what Home Depot had) with 14 x 14 tinfoil on each side. Sure, it's
>imperfect. But it costs a heck of a lot less than caps.
> Good luck and rest assured you are not alone!
> Thanks,
> Dave Small
>p.s. Where's my darn duct tape? And why was the epoxy tubes thingo
>left open? Who's running this operation?