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Re: Filtering and RF grdg of high powered coils: was: Grounding my TC

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Scot, all,

You wrote:

Hey David...

is your system ( alarm) notifing the the main via a telephone??

Yes, Scot, I think so. BTW, the repairman came out Friday and fixed her back up.
While he was here, my wife went ahead and told hime that we "knew" what was
causing the alarm system to mess up. I then went ahead and showed him may "mad
scientist" looking shop and fire off a Jacob's ladder and the little Tesla coil. He was
mystified :^) and was also cool about it. He said that even 120 volt lines can mess
up the sensitive circuitry of the detector circuitry if it is run too close to it, so that
the kind of voltages that I was producing was obviously going to cause problems ;^/
He said that I could simply power down the alarm system when I got ready to
"fire up" and then just turn it back on when finished.

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Original poster: BunnyKiller <bunikllr@xxxxxxx>
if it is
unhook the telephone lead into the box during a T-Coil run... once you start playing with piggie power you are creating RF that will "harrass" most microchip technology in a heartbeat... piggies luv to produce EMF in a broad range that will descimate most average designed non military electronics.. e.g. garage door openers, computers, water sprinkler systems, alarms systems, 900MHz phone systems... etc...

I have to unplug my computers and cordless phone when running the BIGPIG.... I do have 2 "touch" lamps in the bed room ( the kind you touch to turn on and off) that will turn on and off "by themselves" when running the BIGPIG coil.... I am lucky tho... the BIG PIG doesnt seem to mess with the neighbors cable or normal phone line but it does make his yard sprinkler turn on and off randomly.... especially so when I get a good strong hit to the oak tree ( still cant figure that one out) must be some resonance thingy going on that affects his sprinklers...
ground strikes or even strike rail hits wont turn on his sprinklers but a tree strike will...

if any of you are reading this and have a viable answer... Im willing to listen.. :)

Yes, that goes for me, too. All kinds of nasties seem to get into the air and the lines when you're playing with piggies, even when all of the right pecautions are taken.

Scot D

David Rieben