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Re: bummed

Original poster: Mddeming@xxxxxxx

Hi Steve,

At this point, I think you have only two options open due to your time limitations.

1) Do a crash course on the elementary algebra needed to handle the very basic Inductance and capacitance equations and learn some basic TC theory from people's websites. This may take more time than you wish to spend.

2) Get a cookbook type TC guide and follow the recipe exactly.

Choice one is the hardest, because it involves actual learning. Choice two will give you a working device by the end of the semester, but if you're questioned about how it works, you will be S.O.L .

There are dozens of websites on the Tesla Ring that have both detailed cookbook instructions and minimal theory/formulas that you can copy, as well as more advanced stuff.

'Check out: h<http://j.webring.com/hub?ring=teslaring>ttp://j.webring.com/hub?ring=teslaring

Hope this helps,

Matt D.

PS If Standard English spelling is as much of a problem for you as Tesla Coil Theory, you might try a spell-check program on your e-mails. ;-)

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Original poster: "Steven Steele" <sbsteele@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm bummed cuz i tried my tc and id did exactly what i expected it to do,
nothing. I can't find out what the resonant freq is. i don't even know that
my retarted tc even has one. i aint got a clue as to the math i need if i
were to go about getting my caps oriented to whatever freq i ned to put
them at. basically, i'm up the creek without a paddle, and theres probbly a

        Steven Steele