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first coil results!

Original poster: Devon Ferns <dferns@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello list,

I've gotten my tesla coil working and demonstrated it at our first year engineering design showcase. Everyone was impressed with it.

The thing about the coil I don't get it seems that I can tap the primary almost anywhere. I have a small secondary, only about 8 inches tall, 1.6 inches in diameter, 600 turns. The coil works great but I find it strange that it works so easily no matter where I tap it. The sparks output are also not really any different at any tapping point.
Maybe my 9kV NST is just so powerful it works just by normal transformer rules and it's not really resonating?

I have a video of it but no where to host it except my home DSL line, which I doubt anyone would want to download from.
I want to thank Terry for the free capacitors and everyone else that answered my questions.