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Re: About MOTs..

Original poster: Steve Ward <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>

On Apr 8, 2005 9:39 AM, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Original poster: Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> You'll never get that, not because of breakdown, but because the primary of
> the second transformer will be horribly saturated by putting 2400V on it.
> I doubt you could put 150V into a MOT without encountering saturation.

Hah, 150V? try 120V.  Most of the MOTs ive played with start
saturating at about 90VAC input.  They typically have a power factor
of .12 at full input voltage, though this was with an open circuit on
the HV secondary.  I think the PF might have gotten up to .4 or so
with a heavy load... still junk in my opinion.  I guess im lucky
enough to know how to use silicon (IGBTs) and ferrite to make my HV
transformers... 6kVA at about 10 lbs ;-)  and no, they dont saturate.

Steve Ward