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Re: Resonance

Original poster: "Gerald  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Q1: I'm not sure what the context of your question is but the black wire going to the top would effectively be undone by the white wire returning to the bottom. The red wire going back to the top would the only effective winding.

Q2: This configuration is potentially useful and results in a larger effective wire guage. The fourth ground wire would just reflect the emf driving the current thru the other wires. Otherwords, the potential between the two ends of the ground wire would measure the d(phi)/dt threading the coil.

Gerry R.

Original poster: Dgboorse@xxxxxxx
Theoretical Question:
(WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF) I were to take a roll of three wire-with ground
insullated house wire (12 or 14 guage) and wind it on a form. (suppose we wind it
from bottom to top and clockwise).

At the bottom, connect the black wire to an input post, at the top, connect
the black wire to the white, at the bottom connect the white wire to the red,
and at the top, connect the red wire to another input post. NOW, connect power
to the two input posts. (ignore the ground...that's for the next question:

Q2:  What would happen if: At the bottom we connected the red, white, and
black wire together and at the top we did the same.  What would go on in the
ground wire when current is connected to r,w, and b wires?