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Re: Grounding my TC

Original poster: "david baehr" <dfb25@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I have asked before, but will ask again, I run my coil with a single bushing Xfrmer. One side of the high voltage is the case. I have the case and the bottom of the secondary tied to the same ground (earth ground ) ,...so far , all is well , Opinions on this set-up please & thankyou!!!

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>Subject: Re: Grounding my TC
>Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 17:52:31 -0600
>Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Hello once more.
> > would it be a good idea to just run it directly to the ground
>plug in the
> > wall?
>No, its not. There may be cases in which this worked, but this is
>not advisable.
>The green/yellow ground is not what me want. We need a RF-ground
>which translates
>into big surface connectors with good dedicated ground connection.
>A counterpoise in connection with the wallplug groundmay work but
>don't tell
>anyone I advised you to do that.
>Use a long piece of copper pipe and drive it into the ground in the
>garden, this will
>give you an an halfway decent RF ground.
>Some peolpe use water outlets for grounding. This might or might not
>work, better
>do not use this if you are not sure where the pipe leads to...
> > or would that cause every other apliance that I have plugged into
> > ground to strat arcing everywhere?
>hm, pretty unpredictable, but the unpleasant iccourances will
>probaly invilve
>some arcing around....., or more realistic RF-caused demage to
>best regards and safe coiling