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Re: An internal primary

Original poster: Harvey Norris <harvich@xxxxxxxxx>

--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Original poster: "K. C. Herrick" <kchdlh@xxxxxxx> > > Who was it who implemented an internal primary? > Successfully, as I > recall. I'm thinking of trying that but perhaps > that someone, or someone > else, would warn me off. > > Ken Herrick I think Malcolm in other long ago posts I instigated said that for the amp turns in the secondary to exceed the amp turns in the primary, the primary would appear relationship wise internal to the secondary... Geez dont want to start a word war there cuz my memory aint that great, but I seem to remember he also said the issue may be irrevalent, because in most TC cases the amp turns on the secondary do not exceed the amp turns on the primary, thus again it is relegated to the category of modern myths. I dont know how one could make such comparisons with a tesla coil, since the amount of amperage in oscillation is questionable with an arc that makes high frequency... However in my case I used a very high induction coil as the secondary, and did not use an arc gap to make high frequency, and it was not a tesla coil at all; but it was just a large secondary L value; and a smaller L value as a primary that sat inside the conical opening of the 20,000 multiturn secondary: and each primary and secondary was given DISCREET or separate C values: thus it was a set of tuned L and C values on each side, unlike the high frequency tesla secondary that has a capacity not so well defined as a discreet value, only its polar capacity as a top load plus the effects of its own intenal capacity. But here in this case both sides had separately well defined C values. Thus well defined L and C values on each side could also be operated as a source frequency air core transformer: NOT a high frequency transformer as is inclusive to discussions on tesla list. This particular air core transformer was operated from 480 by an AC car alternator. In this case it was easy to compare the amp turns on the primary vs the amp turns on the secondary; because no high freq

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