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Re: Wendover Coil Vs USAF lightning TesT?

Original poster: "James" <mustang3@xxxxxxx>

some snipage
Hi Gang,
The Air Force had a large Marx generator set up at Kirkland AFB for many years. They were testing the effects of EMP on aircraft. The test site was a large wood platform in a gully, that the aircraft was parked upon. The platform was big (and strong) enough that a B-52 could be parked on it. The Marx's antenna was positioned over the test item. I never saw the charging equipment, but the capacitor bank was in a Minuteman missle container (7' square and 40' long). The cable was 10" in dia. with a #14 wire in the center. The EMP pulse can be 50KV/meter of wire. A B-52 is about 150' long, almost a lightning strike. Kinda hard on all those transistors running on 5V. lol


P.S. My current vertical VTTC has a 3CX3000F1, using my pig and a full-wave rectifier, it pulls 80A at 140V input. This generates a 3' streamer. More work is needed.