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Re: If you had this supply and switch, what would you build?

Original poster: David Speck <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks for the pointer to the OET bulletin. There is one paragraph that basically summarizes it all:

For workers who must occupy areas near AM broadcast antennas, MPE limits are
normally only exceeded very close to an antenna. Even for a 50 kW transmitter, distances from
an antenna of less than fifteen meters are required before field strengths are likely to approach the
FCC limits (References [26] and [33]).

I'm not sure of the lower typical Tesla Frequencies would make a big difference compared with AM broadcast frequencies. I doubt I'd be able to build anything close to a 50 KW VTTC.
While reading the bulletin, I came across a link to a neat 20 minute movie on minimizing RF exposure. It's intended for cellular radio installation techs, but still makes interesting viewing. It's a severely compressed RealMovie format but still watchable.


> Would there be personal risks due to a high CW EM field?
Go get the FCC documents (google for OET Bulletin 65) and start doing the
calculations... not too tough to figure it out.  If you're capable of
designing a 10kW tube oscillator, you're capable of estimating fields.
> Dave