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Re: Wendover Coil Vs USAF lightning TesT?

Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I will make an analog copy of the tape for Terry.
It came off a film movie camera, which is analog, then to a VHS tape, which is analog, then into this computer at 22 Khz per channel. Mpg1 format for size. So, if Terry has a good copy of the tape, he can input and get time slices as needed.
I wish I had access to my old broadcast station's studio, I would cut a copy of the tape onto a 15 IPS R /R recording and keep it all analog. When I make the copy, I will record of course at the full speed the VHS will let me.
I have been asked in other message threads how high the extra coil (Ed that is for you), I asked Bob this today on the phone, the top of coil was at 20 feet above floor and he had a "cupola" of 4 to 5 feet on the top. To that was often Balls or he also used stove pipe, anything to keep burning the wire ends off. So figure 25 feet at very top. Target plane model was moved around a lot he said, seeking best strike zones. Averages ~ 20 feet out from base of third coil.
Terry, please private email me mailing address so I can make and send a copy of tape. Play and record machines will have well cleaned heads and high quality tape.

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The new Scientific American has a nice article about how lightning starts and the X-rays they are now finding in lighting strikes! About 250,000 eV. Great article for those that are interested in lightning ;-)



At 07:34 PM 4/18/2005, you wrote:
Hi all,
   Along the lines of lightning tests..

Has anyone here in the US that's an IEEE member read the
article in this month's issue titled "Stealing Celestial
Fire" ? It looks to be along the lines of the 'N2 laser
triggered spark gap' thread we had awhile back..

For those of you who haven't read it..

They're using a Teramobile (titanium sapphire) laser to
create a plasma channel between a charged electrode and a
grond point. The laser is capable of 100 fempto-second
pulses with a max power of 5 terawatts. Rips the electrons
right form the air, creating what they're calling a
'filament'. From the pictures it looks like one heck of a
triggered gap. The idea is to scale it up a bit to reduce
lightning strikes at airports.

Someday I'll have a job like this.. ;)

Coiling In Pittsburgh
Ben McMillen

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> Original poster: syd <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> That coil is running great! Anyone know how much power is
> being fed to it
> in this video?
> Must admit that the USAF 'lightning test' claims are
> absurd. The only
> similarity between tesla coil arcs and atmospheric
> lightning is that they
> look alike, somewhat, and that they are beautiful to
> watch. I can't imagine
> a single useful piece of lightning survivability data
> that could be derived
> from from spraying a little model plane with perhaps a
> couple milliamperes
> of RF alternating current, when lightning strikes it
> carry tens of
> thousands (more?) of DC amperes. Seems that a massive Van
> de Graaf
> generator, or Marx bank would better simulate the effects
> of an actual
> lightning strike.
> But whether it was a PR stunt, or just a way to reach
> into the deep pockets
> of the U.S. Military, I'm glad the machine was able to be
> built!
> ~syd klinge