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Re: Grounding my TC

Original poster: BunnyKiller <bunikllr@xxxxxxx>

Hey Steven...

ummm no use a dedicated ( seperate) ground rod to ground out the bottom of the secondary, safety gap, strike ring... if you use the common ground of the house wiring you will damage all sorts of things in the house.... you have to think of the voltage differentials that are created between the coil and the rest of the "house" stuff...

if you use the "house" ground, it will appear to be a hi voltage supply to the rest of the lower voltage items in the house...

a basic run down on "house" wiring is the "hot" ( 120 VAC) from the box is the supply to the stuff in the house, the neutral is the return leg to complete the circuit. In most cases, the neutral and ground IS THE SAME WIRE ... the neutral has to go to ground somewhere and if you look closely at a power supply pole, the neutral is hooked to a copper wire that goes to ground at the pole ( you will find that copper wire running down the pole to a ground rod at the base of the pole)

By using a dedicated ground for your coil, you reduce the "ground" resistance between the coil and the ground out there by the pole... in effect giving the current a shorter less resisted path to find "ground". by using the house ground , you increase the resistance and electricity luvs the path of least resistance... so it will seek out the shortest route to ground... usually thru the TV, Computer, VCR etc...

I once tried to do the non-dedicated ground once and the results were "spectacular" but very bad... There were sparks arcing thru the sockets that were wired to that one circuit... didnt last long... but long enuf to blow the breakers and cause damage to the sockets..

Scot D

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: "Steven Steele" <sbsteele@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Instead of hooking my TC up to a grounding plate(whatever it's called), would it be a good idea to just run it directly to the ground plug in the wall? or would that cause every other apliance that I have plugged into the ground to strat arcing everywhere?

Steven Steele