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Re: Grounding my TC

Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello once more.

> would it be a good idea to just run it directly to the ground plug in the
> wall?
No, its not. There may be cases in which this worked, but this is not advisable.
The green/yellow ground is not what me want. We need a RF-ground which translates
into big surface connectors with good dedicated ground connection.
A counterpoise in connection with the wallplug groundmay work but don't tell
anyone I advised you to do that.
Use a long piece of copper pipe and drive it into the ground in the garden, this will
give you an an halfway decent RF ground.
Some peolpe use water outlets for grounding. This might or might not work, better
do not use this if you are not sure where the pipe leads to...

> or would that cause every other apliance that I have plugged into the
> ground to strat arcing everywhere?
hm, pretty unpredictable, but the unpleasant iccourances will probaly invilve
some arcing around....., or more realistic RF-caused demage to sensitive

best regards and safe coiling