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Original poster: Finn Hammer <f-h@xxxx>

Can`t tell you what the difference is, but unless you are going to drive really big IGBT`s, go for the chips.

The ones you mention are now outdated, really.
What you want is chips that can be enabled and disabled. This could be the Ti UCC27321P/UCC27322P pair, or the IXYS IXDD414CI.

By pulling the enable pin on these chips up or down, you have the oportunity to turn the bridge on/off on the driver chip level. Since you would want to be able to pulse drive your coil, this is good.

Cheers, Finn Hammer

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: "Alexander Turkin" <alex_3@xxxxxxx>

Hi everyone!

What is better to use in a Solid State Tesla Coil: a bipolar transistor push-pull stage (as it is on Richie's site circuit), or MOSFET drive IC's (TL4422 fnd TL4421)?
What is the difference?