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Allelectronics, surplus electronics dealer at <http://www.allelectronics.com>www.allelectronics.com, has high voltage, 1600 up to 2000v, poly caps for VERY reasonable prices. The drawback is that they don't say who the manufacturers are so you can't tell if they are the ones that are on the "approved" list. At 8 for a $1, they still might be worth trying. I'm sure someone on here will have some opinion on this.
I have a possible solution for you. The Electronic Goldmine, surplus dealer at, <http://www.goldmine-elec.com>www.goldmine-elec.com, has poly/foil caps rated at .003 mF at 35kV for only $1 a piece. You can build a really nice cap with a very high voltage capacity by stringing together just a few of these. I feel sure there will be some feedback on this idea as well. I hope this helps you. I work off a small disability fixed income and I certainly sympathize with someone on a tight budget!!! I hope someone comes forward with some advice on my suggestions. Good luck.
Paul Brodie
Think Positive
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> All,
> I have been testing my TC with bottle caps, and the best spark output
> was about 8". I have noticed that my bottle cap has been warming up
> after short runs, and there is quite a bit of corona around the
> aluminum foil of the caps. I was considering using oil to reduce
> corona, but then i decided to scrap the idea and go for an MMC. I need
> one rated for use with a 9Kv NST and ~.01 uF.(any value near that is
> OK; I have plenty of primary for tuning). The problem is the most I
> can pay is about 45$, otherwise I would definately go with the .15 uF
> 2000 V caps. Any suggestions?
> Cheers,
> Blake