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Re: Static Gaps vs Rotary Spark Gaps

Original poster: "Gerald  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ben,

I would go static for your first coil and considering your budget and time constraints. Static gaps are easier to deal with. Use 5/8 copper pipes say 3in long. Glue them on to a piece of acrylic using some 5 minute epoxy and a feeler guage to get the spacing at say 35 mils. The axis of the pipes should be parallel to each other and the pipes side by side (not end to end). Use a 100 cfm muffin fan to cool the pipes. Use a three terminal safety gap properly set so it will fire in case you set the main gap too wide. You may want to provide enough gaps to total between 250 and 300 mils. You can always short out gaps to reduce the total gap. Start with 200 mils and increase until your safety gap starts firing and then reduce total gap by one gap.

With the muffin fan and 15KV 30ma, your pipes should stay reasonably cool. Scuff up the plastic before gluing. Quick and easy way to get a gap running.

Gerry R.

Original poster: "Medina, Benjamin (UMR-Student)" <bamxbb@xxxxxxx>

Hello Folks. I originally was going for an ARSG (Asynchronous Rotary Spark Gap) but got a lot of responses from the TCML saying that it's not friendly with the NST, that it might fry it, and that I had to stay at 24o BPS (at least) to be safe. Therefore, I've changed plans and am thinking about using a SG (Static Gap).

Using a 15kV/30mA NST, in terms of efficiency and performance, how does a SG compare to a RSG? Is there any rule of thumb as to the # of gaps in series? Does a RSG guarantee longer sparks vs. a SG?

I am doing a school project, so we have budget and time constraints. Which of the following Static Gaps setups would you suggest I should go with? Or anything similar to images below. Bottom line, I want something that is reliable, easy to build, and efficient. Gary Lau suggested, http://www.hot-streamer.com/TeslaCoils/Misc/terrygap.jpg

Your comments and advice will be very much appreciated.

Thanks again,

Ben Medina
Rolla, MO.

http://hot-streamer.com/temp/BenMedina/f73d20a6.jpg (How is the connection done here? Essentially, where is the gap?)


(Maybe two parallel wood pieces. I am guessing I connect one end of the screw/bolt to one end of the secondary side of the NST and the other end of the other screw/bolt to the other end of the secondary side of the NST)?