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RE: IT LIVES! "Bizarre" dot explanation

Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>Thats a good argue for all of the dotted pictures that
>have the spark gap in frame, but there's not many of

I think you just moved the camera so much that the spark gap ended up in the
frame even though it wasn't there when you composed the picture. I have
fallen for this myself a few times in low light situations, but not in Tesla
coil photography because I always use a tripod.

What happens is that the camera decides it needs a really long exposure, say
16 seconds. You don't realise how long the exposure is, so you move the
camera drastically (to look at the screen or whatever) before it's finished.
To get an accurate picture you have to hold it completely still for the full
16 seconds after pressing the shutter.

I think this explains all of the weird effects in your pictures. Try a
tripod and see if the ghostly fireballs are still there :-/

Steve Conner